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GC/RW QGC Crystalfjord Blue Flame
Born 7/31/2001
Blue mackerel tabby with white

Proud son of:

Champion Kitzn Hammerfest of Crystalfjord
Black with white lockets


Wegiekatt Knoppen of Crystalfjord
Brown classic tabby with white

(5 years old)

(1 year and 8 months old)

Congratulations to Crystalfjord Blue Flame who received a Best LH Cat award at the 2002 Hudson Valley Show!!

BlueFlame_HudsonValley2002_02b.jpg (27K)

Blue Flame's Titles: 

Mid-Atlantic Region's 20th Best Cat (2002-2003)  
Quadruple Grand Champion (TICA)
Grand Champion (CFA)

10mBlueFlame10.jpg (35K)
(10 months)

(9 months)

(9 months)

BlueFlame's litters:

Litter #5 - Dam: Rikka de Stang ar Voud
Litter #7 - Dam: FIN*Blue-Viking Rafale du Targo

(8 months)

(8 months)

(5 months)

(4 months)

(14 weeks)

(10 weeks)

(8 week)

(6 weeks)

(4 weeks)

(2 weeks)

(1 week)

(2 days)

(couple hours)


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