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Litter #19 -- Born March 18th, 2005

PixieDust Waldo
Male Brown Mackerel Tabby with white

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Eliza Doolittle vom Trollberg
Female Amber Mackerel


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Many thanks to Gwen and Rick Anderson at Pixiedust Cattery for hosting Eliza and her kittens for us.
Theme:  Pioneers of the ages

Crystalfjord Leif Eriksson
Male Brown Mackerel Tabby w/ white

(1 year old in photo)

(7 months old in photo)
He's wonderfully sweet tempered and will be staying with us as part of our amber breeding program. Leif has been shown once at 4 months old, he won 3rd best kitten in ICAT agility competition with a "clean run" while at the show.

Ferdinand Magellan -- Crystalfjord Magellan
Male Brown Mackerel Tabby

(7 months old in photo)
Magellan was the runt of this litter but he is turning out to be quite a bit larger than his brother Leif. Infact he's turning out to be HUGE. He loves to play with teasers would probably be a good companion for a medium sized dog that gets along well with cats.

Gudrid Thorbjornsdottir
Female Brown Mackerel Tabby w/ white

(9 weeks old in photo)

Crystalfjord Tigergirl -- " Amelia Earhart"
Female Brown Classic Tabby

(9 weeks old in photo)

Contact information can be found here. Kitten prices range from $800 to $1200. Kittens go on to their new homes at 14-16 weeks of age.

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