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KrazieCats Midnight Myst
Born 10/6/2003
Blue Mackerel Tabby

A great many thanks to David and Jackie Mathison for allowing this stunning girl to come to our home. She has a wonderfully sweet temperament, beautiful color. :-))))

Photos of Misty:

(5 years old)

(10 months)

Litter #23 -- Sire: D'artagnan av Jostedalsbreen
Litter #26 -- Sire: Crystalfjord Lief Eriksson
Litter #29 -- Sire: Crystlafjord Ben Franklin

(10 months)

(Misty @ 4 months old)

(3 months)

(13 weeks)

(Misty @ 7 weeks old)

(Misty @ 7 weeks old)

(Misty @ 4 weeks old)

(Misty @ 1 week old)

Proud daughter of:

CH Crystalfjord Rufus of KrazieCats
Silver Mackerel Tabby and white

( Jackie Mathison)


Crystalfjord Kiaya of KrazieCats
Brown Mackrel Tabby with White

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