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Born 9/5/2000
Brown Mackeral Tabby with White

Rikka is a wonderful girl from the French cattery Stang ar Vaud. Her father is of the old Oba lines and is a magnificent cat in his own right. We hope to continue the temendous look of Oba Sultan through Rikka's offspring.


Rikka at 3 years

Rikka's litters:

Litter #2 - Stud: Kitzn Hammerfest of Crystalfjord
Litter #5 - Stud: Crystalfjord BlueFlame
Litter #12 - Stud: Wegiekatt Taelisen of Crystalfjord

Rikka at 2 years:

2y2mRikka01web.jpg (32K)

Rikka at 1 year and 2 months:

Rikka at 1 year:

Rikka at 2 months:

Proud daughter of:

Oba Sultan DK


F* O'Annie de Maneskinn

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