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Wegiekatt Knoppen of Crystalfjord
Born 5/3/2000
Brown Classic Tabby with White

Knoppen is a rascal of a Norwegian Forest Cat. This green-eyed brown classic tabby with white is the queen of her domain and master of all she sees. As a youngster she was an intrepid adventurer and little phased her. Nowadays, she's retired and prefers to spend her days soaking up the sun rays in comfort. She was our first breeding queen and was the foundation for our breeding program. Many thanks go to Patti and Robert Hudson of Wegiekatt for such a wonderfuly spirited cat!

(Knoppen @ 10 years old)

(Knoppen @ 4 years old)

2y7mKnoppen07web.jpg (27K)
(2 years old)

Knoppen's litters:

Litter #1 - Stud: Kitzn Hammerfest of Crystalfjord
Litter #3 - Stud: Kitzn Hammerfest of Crystalfjord
Litter #8 - Stud: Wegiekatt Taelisen of Crystalfjord

2y7mKnoppen11web.jpg (26K)

Knoppen at 2 years:

Knoppen at 1 year and 1 month:

Knoppen at 1 year:

Knoppen at 9 months:

Knoppen at 5 months:

Knoppen at six weeks:

knoppen as a kitten


Proud daughter of:

Supreme Grand Champion Jedidiah J Buffett of Wegiekatt


Flora Felis Audax DK

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